To create a memorable experience for our attendees, the International Student Association and the Japanese and Korean Culture Club have lined up an impressive itinerary of performances and showcases to spice up the night, including a fashion show and a game show. On top of that, we have also put together an international market to serve as a platform for local businesses and students to help their brands gain more exposure. We are confident in delivering a dazzling evening of culture, colors, and community


March 28, 2020 (Saturday) 3 - 6 pm

This year, we are making it grand by hosting an international market before the International Culture Night to provide a platform for students to practice entrepreneur skills and help local businesses gain a wider demographic of customers.

We intend to utilize the UIU Student Center’s first-floor open area for the market. We expect an estimate of 10 vendors, each with various merchandise, to be present. If you are interested in becoming a vendor for our international market, do reach out to us as soon as possible by contacting 



March 28, 2020 (Saturday) 6 - 8.30 pm

Once again, the annual UIU club event is here! This year, the International Student Association and the Japanese and Korean Culture Club are proud to present the "Colors of the World" fundraiser. The dazzling night of culture, colors and community will showcase the unique cultures of UIU’s diverse community.

Enjoy the family-style international cuisine as we entertain you with our spectacular lineup of activities. From dances to a fashion show, to a Japanese-inspired game show, experience firsthand a small part of UIU’s uniquely diverse campus!

Purchase your tickets at Eventbrite today!

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International Culture Night 2k20

605 Washington Street., Fayette, IA 52142

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